Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time to Decide....

It might be worth mentioning that the original plan was to begin this blog, and the 365 days of self help, on January 1st. However, like most New Year’s ideas or resolutions it was put on the back burner. We had too much to think, stress and worry about during the holidays. And to be honest, it took us a while to focus. That said, I think we may have finally narrowed down our long list of prospective books. And that task brings us closer to a start date.

It can’t be that surprising that we have not picked any books yet. Is it? Stress and worry have both blocked our progress. In the last few days, we must have spent hours on the phone and text messaging about book ideas. We both worried that we wouldn’t like a book or it wouldn’t work.

Today, after a great deal of wasted time, we came to a conclusion. We will just go to a bookstore and pick the first books that we find ourselves interested in reading, can’t leave any time for second guessing.
Okay, so I know there is a large chance that you might be laughing at us right now. However, we can do it. We can ignore the impulse to over think, over react, stress, worry and basically be ourselves. At least for five minutes. We have to, or this little experiment will never work.

Here’s the plan, there will be three books. One book that we, both sisters, will follow together and one additional book for each of us to follow alone. Tips will come in threes, there will be three tips per time period, whether that is a day or longer really depends on the tip. After attempting to follow the suggestions from the books we will each post about our experiences here on our lovely blog. And hopefully something great will come out of it all or at least something good. We are trying to stay optimistic.

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