Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kindred Spirits

I think Elizabeth Gilbert is a kindred spirit. This is the second time I have enjoyed reading about her travels in Eat, Pray, Love and I feel as if I should take off to Italy and join her. Well, in theory at least. I mean, she is obviously not still there and I cannot take off to Italy. It is just not financially or situationally feasible. That said, it is not that I wouldn’t love to travel that, but that is not the point.

I feel like I am at a point in my life where I must figure things out yet again. The economy is in the tank, we are broke and I am working at a job that pays nothing.
So I have been asking myself the following questions:
• What do I want to change? How can it happen?
• Where do I want to be professionally?
• What are my goals?

For now I am going to focus on one question, my profession. I feel like I have struggled with it for some time. Always, when I was younger, I remember thinking that I wanted to be a teacher. However, when I got older my goals shifted a bit. I really wanted to be a writer. And I did it for a while. First at a magazine, and then I freelanced. And you know what? I hated it.

It didn’t make any sense to me then and it doesn’t now. I love to write. I love to read. I love books, magazines, newspapers - everything with the written word intrigues me. So why did I hate writing for a paycheck?

It hit me today. I wasn’t writing about anything that I actually cared about. As a result of this epiphany here is my next self imposed assignment: change that. Find something I love to write about and do it as often as I’d like. Maybe it will be a new job, or maybe I will start a book….I don’t know. The point is that I am going to start somewhere. I’ll let you know where it takes me.

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