Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And so it began....

We are simply two among the millions of American women that are underinsured, and we fit into a familiar profile: female, barely thirty with husbands, kids and jobs. We work, we nurture, but above all we worry. We obsess. In fact, we are troublesome siblings who were biologically pre-disposed to feelings of anxiety. For years we have wondered aloud about our viable options for treatment. Counseling? Happy pills? Drinking?

After some contemplation we have realized that these options are not going to work for either of us. We have the same type of medical insurance, and it is a thin plastic shield over our existence. Counseling and prescription pills, while we do not doubt their helpfulness, are about as obtainable as a trip around the world. And let’s face it, alcohol costs too much money, and we worry about the effects on our health. Out of options, we are turning to self help. That is right, we said self help. Why not? It can’t be that hard. After all, we are capable and intelligent women.

Here’s the plan: A full year of self help. 365 days of tips that we both follow and write about here, on our blog. We are hoping that a blog will keep us in check, honest and that we motivate each other. The first step: Our parents have a few boxes of books from our childhood. This week we are going to go through the books and find some to sell to a used book store. It is there where we will find our path. A few select books to guide us on our search for spiritual, physical and psychiatric assistance. We are hoping to grow as individuals, mothers and wives. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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