Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness are More Difficult than You Might Think

As you might remember, I had two simple assignments in the last two days: commit a random act of kindness, and get some fresh air. The fresh air assignment wasn’t difficult, thank goodness, as the weather has been nice lately.

Nice weather in January in the Pacific Northwest, I know it’s weird. But it’s true! This week I have gone for a few walks with my daughter in the afternoon, AND I have taken my Preschool class outside during the day. It has been so nice, and I definitely think my mood has improved.

Despite my success with getting fresh air, the random act of kindness was a bit more difficult. People actually discouraged me from being nice! I tried to let an elderly couple go in front of me at the grocery store, and they just declined and looked at me like I was crazy. Later, I offered my free coffee drink coupon to a friend, and she thought I was offering charity. She was offended. After a day of trying to be extra nice, I found myself to be extra sad. Maybe there is an art to committing a random act of kindness? Am I missing something? ---Erika

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