Monday, January 25, 2010

My Personal Juggling Act

I dropped the ball. I was supposed to write a blog post yesterday, and I did not. I would like to extend a public apology to my sister: I am sorry Nicole. Here is my excuse……I just didn’t feel well, and I was having personal issues about starting work full time.

That’s right folks, you heard me, I am working full time at a preschool/daycare. Thank goodness it is only temporary. The job is fine really; it is just a long day. Maybe I need to add a new element to my list of skills that I need to focus on during self help - trying to juggle my time.

Me=Mom, Wife, Teacher, Daughter. How do I fit in all of my roles and still have time for me and what I want?
Self help entry to follow…..Thanks for listening!

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